Placing a thermal camera under a drone creates a whole new world. It allows you to recognize poorly growing or dead plants, but it can also detect heat leakages in buildings.

Thermal cameras are often used to make the area safer. To find the core of a fire, or to prevent a fire in a forest. It can also serve as an aid for the fire department, by locating the core of the fire to extinguish it. It is also possible to locate missing persons, e.g. drowning people.


Thermal images are very useful for the fire department. Thermal cameras are able to switch between normal and thermal vision, to find the core of the fire. This allows the fire department to optimally allocate its resources.

Forest management

Thermal images also make it possible to locate areas with a high probability to cause a forest fire. After this, a small extinguish drone can be send over there to extinguish the fire. This is only possible for a incipient fire.


Thermal images also offer many possibilities to inspect objects, for example, inspecting solar panels. The software makes it very easy to detect damaged or broken solar cells, which can then be replaced.

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